Who We Are

In 1990, a group of women of the Southfield Alumnae Chapter (SAC) of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated planted the seed for acquiring a facility, where youth and families could go for educational support, mentoring and recreation. And in 1993, the Torch of Wisdom Foundation, Inc., a 501c3 tax-exempt public charity, was established to provide charitable-giving initiatives and to award grants to organizations that help improve the condition of and the education for targeted individuals living in Southeastern Michigan. Each program grant addresses values-based objectives to find sustainable solutions that increase economic, social, and educational opportunities, creating boundless possibilities…Changing Tomorrow Today©.

In September 2011, the vision the these civic-minded women was brought to fruition, when the Torch of Wisdom Foundation, Inc. (TOWF) acquired a commercial office building, located at 21819 West 9 Mile Road, Southfield, Michigan. The facility houses its official office, SAC office, and available space for meetings, training sessions and other community events. It is believed that this is the first African-American public charity to make such an investment in Oakland County. “Based upon the demonstrated value of the Torch of Wisdom Foundation and its goal to significantly serve more youth and the community-at-large, we were pleased to approve the foundation’s mortgage to help it achieve this milestone,” said CEO Dean Trudeau of the Public Service Credit Union.

Our Mission

Torch of Wisdom Foundation strives to positively impact the lives of Southeastern Michigan youth and families by delivering academic, cultural, economic and social programs that create boundless possibilities for future growth and development.

In addition, the Torch of Wisdom partners with community leaders and local businesses to support and encourage those within the community who share our goal of Changing Tomorrow Today.

Our Vision

Torch of Wisdom Foundation is recognized as a leader within the SE Michigan community which fosters educational programming; promoting empowerment and personal and professional development.


We believe in Changing Tomorrow Today by creating and developing personal and professional opportunities that enrich the mind, touch the soul, and fan the flames of cultural, educational, and economic awareness.

These values fuel us to do the intentional work:


We possess a foundational respect for all by valuing different perspectives and experiences.


We believe true community comes through understanding, collaboration, and partnership as we engage with our key stakeholders (youth, families, donors, and community partners).


By embracing inclusivity and cultural sensitivity we strive to understand the needs of youth and families.


We are accountable and hold high ethical standards. We value honesty and transparency with our community partners, donors, volunteers, participants and to one another.


Through our community grants, programming and events, we provide valuable resources for the people we serve.

Our Purpose

We provide funding and programming to support individuals and organizations in three core areas:

1. Scholarship

We invest in scholastic achievement through financial support, delivery of educational resources, and serving as a channel to advance higher education goals.

2. Cultural Arts

We advocate programs that heighten awareness of the arts and expose the works of local and national artists. We celebrate artistic talents in all forms -visual, fine and performing arts and promote the stimulation of creativity.

3. Community Enrichment

We enhance the lives of youth and their families and strive to be a beacon for supportive resources and impactful programming.

Our thanks to the committed members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority-Southfield Alumnae Chapter for their vision, commitment and assistance in the establishment of the Torch of Wisdom Foundation, Inc.